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Hazard Mitigation
What is a Mitigation Plan?
The City of Sweet Home and surrounding areas are subject to a wide range of natural and human-caused hazards, including: floods, severe storms, landslides, earthquakes, dam failures, hazardous material spills, and many others. Some of these hazard events, such as severe storms, happen to some extent every year. Others, such as earthquakes, may only impact Sweet Home significantly once every few hundred years. The impact of potential future hazard events on Sweet Home may be minor (e.g., a few inches of water in a street)
or it may be major, with damages and economic losses totaling millions of dollars.

The impacts of major disasters on communities can be devastating. Total damages may include economic losses, casualties, and disruption, hardships and suffering are often far greater than the physical damages alone. Furthermore, recovery from major disasters often takes many years and some heavily impacted businesses and/or communities may never
fully recover. Completely eliminating the risk of future disasters in Sweet Home is neither technologically possible nor economically feasible. However, substantially reducing the negative impacts of future disasters is achievable with the implementation of a pragmatic Hazard Mitigation Plan.

Hazard mitigation reduces disaster damages and is defined as sustained action taken to reduce or eliminate the long-term risk to human life and property from hazards (Source: 44 CFR §201.2 Mitigation Planning – Definitions). This SHMP has several key elements.

  1. Each hazard that may impact Sweet Home significantly is reviewed to determine the probability (frequency) and severity of likely hazard events.
  2. The vulnerability of Sweet Home to each hazard is evaluated to determine the likely extent of physical damages, casualties, and economic impacts.
  3. A range of mitigation alternatives are evaluated to identify those with the greatest potential to:
    • reduce future damages and losses in Sweet Home,
    • protect facilities deemed critical to the community’s well being, and/or that are deemed highly valuable

2015-2020 Sweet Home Mitigation Plan
The Sweet Home Mitigation Plan was formerly known as the Sweet Home Multi-Hazard Mitigation Plan. The SHMP is, of course, still a multi-hazard mitigation plan for the City of Sweet Home and covers each of the major natural and human-caused hazards that pose risks to the City. The primary objectives of this Sweet Home Mitigation Plan (SHMP) are to reduce the negative impacts of future disasters on the community, including: (1) saving lives and reducing injuries; (2) minimizing damage to buildings and infrastructure (especially critical facilities); and, (3) minimizing economic losses. This Mitigation Plan is a planning document, not a regulatory document.

Click here to view the 2015-2020 Sweet Home Mitigation Plan

Sweet Home Mitigation Committee
  • Edith Wilcox
  • Brent Gaskey


Hazard Mitigation meetings are held in the Sweet Home City Hall conference room, 1140 12th Avenue, Sweet Home, OR 97386. 



How to get involved
Are you interested in getting involved in Hazard Mitigation planning efforts?

Please contact: 

Katie Wilcox
Planning Assistant
City of Sweet Home
(541) 367-8113

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Sweet Home City Hall, 1140 12th Avenue, Sweet Home, OR 97386, Ph: (541) 367-5128, Fax (541) 367-5113