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Adopt-a-Park Program
Adopt-a-Park Program

Thank you for your interest in volunteering. Volunteers are valued members of the City of Sweet Home. The Parks and Recreation Department sponsors the Adopt-A-Park program for volunteer assistance in the maintenance and improvement of park areas throughout the city.

Any individual, neighborhood or organization can Adopt-A-Park as a volunteer project. The Parks and Recreation Department continues to provide regular maintenance, while the individuals and groups are asked to assist with the special care of the adopted areas. Responsibilities are spelled out in a letter of understanding signed by the City Manager and the individual or representative of the group adopting a park.

For more information, contact the Community Development Department at 541-367-8113.

Why Adopt-A-Park?

The individuals and groups who become involved in the Adopt-A-Park program are helping to enhance and maintain our public lands through clean up, planting, weeding, monitoring wildlife and other projects. Your volunteer effort in our parks and on our trails increases awareness of the importance of protecting our natural resources, generates pride in our park system and demonstrates a commitment to your community. As a group or business, you can create a better environment for yourself and the next generation.

What Parks Can Be Adopted?
  • Upper Sankey Park (Adopted by James Goble) 
  • Lower Sankey Park (Adopted by the South Santiam Youth Watershed Council)
  • Northside Park (Adopted by the Liles Family)
  • Hobart Natural Area (Adopted by the Sweet Home Rotary Club)
  • Strawberry Park
  • Ashbrook Park
  • Clover Park (Adopted by the Sweet Home Police Volunteers)
  • South Hills Trail
  • Skate Park (Adopted by the Patton Family Crew)
  • 12th and Nandina (Adopted by Sunshine Industries)


Litter and debris removal, weed control, flower care, reporting vandalism and identifying hazards are the primary responsibilities of the Adopt-A-Park participants. Coordinate projects such as planting trees and shrubs, painting and carpentry with the Director. The Director can provide necessary tools, equipment and materials, as well as trash bags.

  • A personalized sign in your adopted park identifying your efforts.
  • A certificate of appreciation presented by the Mayor of the City of Sweet Home.
  • Coverage, when possible, of your efforts in local media.

Tips for Success
  • The best time for group outings is the Monday following busy weekends or days directly after holidays.
  • Plan the day with plenty of time for breaks so participants don’t overexert themselves.
  • It’s always a good idea to carpool when possible.
  • Please notify the Parks Division immediately when vandalism or a potential hazard is observed.
  • Have a first aid kit on hand and be aware of local emergency services in case of injury.
  • Make your efforts FUN and enjoyable.

Citizen ideas and suggestions about park area improvements are always appreciated!

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