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Street Sweeping
Street Sweeper Schedule
The City of Sweet Home Public Works Department works hard and takes great pride in keeping our streets free of dirt, leaves, and other debris.  Keeping the streets clean help preserve our street assets by helping them last longer; the neighborhoods are more welcoming; and, it helps protect our environment by reducing harmful pollutants from reaching our local streams and rivers.  

In an effort to meet our goal of clean streets, we have established an annual street sweeping schedule for regular monthly sweeping of all improved City streets that have curbs and gutters.  

To help ensure the street sweeper equipment is able to do a thorough and effective job, please help us by moving vehicles such as boats, campers, automobiles, and other objects out of the street areas when your area is scheduled for sweeping.  You can view the current sweeper routes below. 

Additional things to keep in mind:
  • Obstacles like shopping carts, garbage cans, toys, landscape materials, basketball hoops, etc., that protrude past the curb keep us from cleaning thoroughly;
  • Please keep street trees, hedges, and vegetation trimmed to 12 feet above the street surface or behind the curb so the sweeper can fit under and around them;
  • If weather conditions prevent sweeping a street on its scheduled day, we will attempt to sweep it at the end of the regular cycle, time permitting;
  • We do not sweep on weekends or legal holidays. 

We thank you helping us keep our streets clean by observing this information; should you have any questions about this program please feel free to call our offices at (541) 367-6243.   

Street Sweeper Routes
In an effort to sweep the entire City Limits efficiently and effectively we have divided the entire city into eight (8) seperate "sections".  Please click on the link below for the current "section" definitions. 

Sweeping Sections

Regular routine street sweeping "sections" are currently completed on the third (3rd) full week of each month and according to the following schedule:
  • Monday - Sections 3 & 7
  • Tuesday - Section 2
  • Wednesday - Sections 1 & 5
  • Thursday - Sections 4 & 6
  • Friday - Section 8

NOTE: At the end of routine schedule we do any extra areas as time will allow. 

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