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Frequently Asked Questions by Women

Is there a height or weight requirement?

No. We do however expect for your weight to be proportionate to your height.

I have never handled a weapon, should I have some type of training prior to joining the Sweet Home Police Department?

No. The Sweet Home Police Department has several officers specifically trained to instruct you in the use of firearms. They provide quality training ensuring that you become proficient with the firearm.

What is the dress code for women?

Trainees are expected to adhere to strict grooming standards as follows: Hair is to be trimmed in a neat fashion.  If make-up is worn, it must be applied conservatively. Nails are neatly trimmed.

If I graduate from the academy, where will I be working?

After graduation, each Officer, becomes a "Probationary Police Officer". A Probationary Police Officer enters a 16-week field training period under the supervision of a Field Training Officer (FTO). After successful completion of field training, each probationary is given a patrol assignment. The probationary period lasts 18 months.

Is the academy harder for women?

The academy can be very strenuous for anyone who has either neglected their physical fitness or has poor study habits. Those who realize the value of self-discipline and physical fitness have a greater possibility of succeeding. Upper body strength and endurance seem to be the areas that affect women the most.

If I choose to attend a college or university, should I major in Criminal Justice?

No. Our agency does not require a degree or accredited hours.

How long do I have to wait before I can become a Detective or another rank besides patrol officer?

The initial waiting period is at least three years after employment. Officers are then eligible to compete for promotion through testing for the position.

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