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Neighborhood Watch Program
What Is Neighborhood Watch?
Gina Riley
Community Services Officer

1950 Main Street
Sweet Home, OR  97386

Ph: (541) 367-5181
Fx: (541) 367-5235

8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Monday - Friday

Neighborhood Watch is a crime prevention program that enlists the active participation of residents in cooperation with law enforcement to reduce crime, solve problems, and improve the quality of life in your area.  In it you will get to know and work with your neighbors, and learn how to:

·         Recognize and report crimes and suspicious activities,

·         Protect yourself, your family, and your property,

·         Protect your neighbor’s family and property and,

·         Identify crime and disorder problems in your area and work with police    department personnel to solve them.

How does it work?

The purpose of the Neighborhood Watch program is to create an alert neighborhood by using simple crime prevention methods.  The program works through mutual aid - neighbors watching the property of other neighbors.  This has several advantages, including the fact that neighbors know who you are, what type of car you drive, and when you will be away.  It does not promote vigilantism.

How do I start and maintain a Neighborhood Watch Program?

See if there’s interest in forming a Neighborhood Watch group in your area. Talk with your neighbors – see if there is interest in working together to protect each other’s property, neighborhood and families. 

Neighborhood group meetings.

Once you have established your neighborhood group, you will decide when and how often you will meet.  A typical first meeting of your group will include discussion with a member of the Sweet Home Police Department on topics of Neighborhood Watch, Home Security, calling our non emergency line (367-5181) vs 9-1-1 and what concerns you have regarding your neighborhood.  You will brainstorm topics to discuss and applications to learn at future meetings to enhance and secure your home and property.  You will also have the option to be trained and form a Citizen’s Patrol for your neighborhood.

Call Community Services Officer – Gina Riley – to talk about setting up your Neighborhood Watch group.

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