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City of Sweet Home
Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) Facility - 1257 Pleasant Valley Road
WWTP Looking East -080709.jpg

The WWTP provides treatment through a complete-mix activated sludge process.  Preliminary treatment consists solely of in-line grinders and coarse barscreens located downstream of the grinders.  There is no primary sedimentation or grit removal.  Some sedimentation of the heavier solids occurs in the influent pump station wetwell.  Aeration takes place in two basins equipped with mechanical surface aerators.  Sedimentation is accomplished in three circular clarifiers (pictured above).  The effluent is passed through a traveling bridge sand filter for tertiary treatment to provide additional solids and biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) removal during the summer months.  The effluent is chlorinated and discharged on the south side of the South Santiam River. 

Wastewater Facility Plan 2002

I/I Report 

Adopted Wastewater Facilities Plan 2016 

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