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City of Sweet Home

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City of Sweet Home

Business Development

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1. Do I need special permits to start a new business?

City Council

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1. When does City Council meet?
2. How do I contact Mayor Greg Mahler?
3. How do I become a City Councilor?
4. What are the terms of City Councilors?
5. How do I access Sweet Home Municipal Codes?


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1. How do I apply for a passport?


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1. How do I contact the department or reach an officer?
2. Where is the police department located?
3. What hours are officers on patrol?
4. I want to keep my gun safely away from children, can you help?
5. I have been involved in a traffic accident, am I required to call the police?
6. How can I get a copy of a police report?

Public Works

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1. What is the "Street Sweeper" schedule?
2. How do I report a Streetlight outage?

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Sweet Home City Hall, 1140 12th Avenue, Sweet Home, OR 97386, Ph: (541) 367-5128, Fax (541) 367-5113